The EGG beat Kylie Jenner as the most-liked Instagram post

It is funny to ponder but an egg picture took Kylie Jenner’s throne as the most-liked Instagram post to date.
With over 50 million likes, you can see here that this egg has taken the internet by storm and dethroned Kylie of the Kardashians to an egg that is seemingly ordinary and is not even a stunning or creative photo.
The caption of the egg Instagram photo calls to set the photo as the most liked on the photo social networking app over Kylie’s photo that had garnered over 18 million likes. The post was dated January 4 on the Instagram account  @…

Scooters in Portland – a test use of the e-scooters

Sixteen months ago, e-scooter service began to rise in Santa Monica, CA. Now, the streets are flocked with it and the State government has to take action.
The e-scooter service began as a rental through the use of a smartphone app, much like Uber, that will allow users to ride the e-scooters and leave it for another person’s use.
In Portland, OR, the city officials have expressed their concern over the rise of e-scooter users and will soon flock in Portland streets, most especially that no regulation has been placed yet to control the e-scooter’s …