6 Rules of Thumb to Effective Political Art

Using art as a channel to express one’s political opinion is never outdated. This way of expression has been touching the artists’ and their aesthetes’ lives for a long time. If someone do the same thing with custom painting kits, the real question revolves around the best way to make political art, not just moving, but mobilizing for the world.
The 6 rules of thumb below are the product of thorough research of the most influential political arts…

How to Start Your Political Blog

Politics is never an uninteresting topic in any forms of media. After all, the events in the field of politics could well impact the fate of a society. That is why news about the issues of the government and politics are frequently on the front pages. It is also for this reason why starting your own political blog online is a great investment. If you are going to start one, make sure you choose a better hosting provider like because you going to get lots of traffic.
With that in mind, here are a few steps to follow to start your blog about politics.

$4.6 million dollars’ settlement by Law Firm in Manafort and Ukraine’s case

The settlement between the Justice Department and the law firm, made public on Thursday, has indicated the challenge of the lucrative but mysterious lobbying industry in Washington.
Skadden Arps conducted an analysis in 2012 intended to allay international concerns regarding anti-democratic practices of the Ukrainian government under President Viktor Yanukovych who was accused of persecution and illegal detention of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on charges of abuse of power in the negotiations of a natural gas deal with Russia.
The settlement has placed …

Russian Sanctions Relief disapproved by 136 votes by Republicans alongside Democrats

The House has blocked Treasury Department by 362 votes to lift sanctions against companies controlled by Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch.
The Treasury Department has announced last April regarding the sanctions imposed on Mr. Deripaska and his companies, and companies under the Russian oligarchs, as they were accused of meddling with the administration’s tough stance against Moscow. The sanction was taken into effect immediately for Deripaska.
However, his three companies’ sanctions were delayed in between aggressive lobbying and legal campaigns by …