Reasons Why Drugs Should Be Legalized

There are millions of recreational drug users in the U.S alone. There have been contradicting views on whether drugs should be legalized or not. While illegal drugs have negative impacts on the users and society at large, some countries are taking measures to legalize drugs. Here are some reasons according to about why drugs should be legalized.

Crime Rates Will Reduce

When drugs are legalized, their production cost will reduce and this means that users will pay less for them. This helps to curb the number of crimes since addicts will not need to commit crimes in order to purchase drugs. According to a study done by the former associate director of the National Academy of Sciences Assembly of Behavior and Social Sciences, increase in the price of heroin by 10% led to an increase in an armed robbery by 6.4%, assault by 5.6%, and total property crimes by 3.1%.

Legalization Fosters Drug Safety

Legalizing drugs will promote the safety of drugs by regulating the quality of drugs being consumed. Due to prohibition, there has developed black market trade for illegal drugs and the use of chemicals known as cutting agents. Dealers use these chemicals to lure customers that their products are unique, so they can increase their profits. This puts users on the risk of consuming harmful substances which increase the risk of suffering adverse effects or even death. Therefore, legalizing drugs so that people can purchase it from a known and reliable source is a strong argument.

Ensure Personal Freedom

Legalization restores the right and freedom to use drugs sensibly. The government does not have the right to prevent consenting adults to use drugs in order to change the way they feel or act. As long it is not harming other people, everyone has the right to choose whether to take drugs or not.

Saves Taxpayers Money

A lot of taxpayer money is used to finance the detention of drug users and those who commit crimes to purchase drugs as well as traffickers. The money could be used to do other imperative projects that bring development to the economy. Numerous studies have shown that drug legalization could result in big savings in the drug treatment services and reduce prison burden. It would also enable the authorities to focus on more serious crimes and foster speeder judicial services.

Prohibition Does Not Work

The prohibition of certain drugs like marijuana has continued to fail and people continue to use these drugs whether they are illegal or not. After weighing the benefits and disadvantages of prohibition, it is evident that prohibition is not effective in stopping people from using drugs. In fact, the chances of most individuals passing a drug test in countries where drugs are illegal are low.

Legalization Would Slow Spread of Diseases

Because of prohibition, most drug users are stigmatized and this has resulted in the spread of AIDS and Hepatitis B and C among other diseases. These diseases are mostly brought about by sharing of needles in order to inject the drugs. The limited access to needles causes them to share. With legalization, drug users will have more access to needles hypodermically. This reduces the need to share the needles and the risk to acquire the virus from someone else.

Corruption will End and Organized Crimes Destroyed

When it comes to drugs, police corruption manifests itself in a way that they offer protection to the drug dealers or they seize the drugs and sell it themselves. When the drugs become legal, police corruption will end. Also, members of organized crimes stand to lose in drug profits due to legalization.


Although legalization won’t solve all the social problems, it is a good way to address some of the issues that are brought about by prohibition. What’s more, some of these drugs like marijuana have been proven to have numerous health benefits and their legalization will positively impact the economy.

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