The Possible Effects of Technology to Education

Every day, people attempt to experiment or invent something that would benefit the majority, if not, everyone. Technology has significantly changed people’s lifestyle – jobs are made easier with the help of the computer, accurate results or products are produced with the help of machines, and knowledge has broadened with the use of various online sources. Education per se has somehow benefitted from technology.

Technology can either be beneficial or detrimental to student travel tours, depending on how it is utilized. Incorporating technology in education is, of course, convenient for both teachers and students, as they won’t have to undergo a manual transition of the topic. However, it can also instigate complacency on both parties.

That said, here are some of the probable effects of technology on education:


In the past, teachers have to manually write their discussion on the blackboard for the students to see and understand the topic. Writing can be tedious and time-consuming since not everyone has the same pacing for writing.

Furthermore, students can easily research on the internet instead of scanning through an entire library just to find books related to the topic discussed. Even projects are now to be submitted online for faster grading.

Student travel tours are also within arm’s reach in case of field trips.


Although technology exudes convenience to everyone, it also makes people sluggish as sources can be easily copied, pasted, and printed; hence, it tempts students not to go to schools. Instead, they will just ask for a copy of the discussion or study online.

As for the teachers, they become too lenient in delivering their topics. This comes in the form of copy-pasting an entire article of a page online without understanding everything.


Taking advantage of technology can be advantageous in research. As students, teachers would normally ask them to conduct a research study every year as part of the curriculum. Without computers, the said project would surely take time.

Before computers were used in schools, students had to browse through the bookshelves to find books that relate to their topics. Now, with the help of computers, research is made easier and faster.

Privacy Issue

Part of utilizing technology is mingling with people you have only met online through social media. Due to the limitless fun found on the internet, students are easily tempted to befriend strangers without any form of doubt.

Social media divulge some or most of your information, which is why privacy is at high risk.

More Programs/Activities

Students are fond of using social media accounts like Facebook for update purposes. Apart from the usual posts from your friends in your newsfeed, they also have a messenger available that allows you to stay in touch with your social media friends.

Apparently, having a social media account can be of great use for school announcements, the introduction of certain clubs, and communication with fellow classmates in case of group projects. Announcements are easily relayed compared in the past.

Overall, most of the countries nowadays are continuously improving their technology to further lessen workloads and improve the educational system.

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