Scooters in Portland – a test use of the e-scooters

Sixteen months ago, e-scooter service began to rise in Santa Monica, CA. Now, the streets are flocked with it and the State government has to take action.

The e-scooter service began as a rental through the use of a smartphone app, much like Uber, that will allow users to ride the e-scooters and leave it for another person’s use.

In Portland, OR, the city officials have expressed their concern over the rise of e-scooter users and will soon flock in Portland streets, most especially that no regulation has been placed yet to control the e-scooter’s use. To address the dilemma, they have initiated a four-month pilot program last July.

This implemented a limit on the number of scooters and the tracking of trips and injuries of e-scooter users to be reported by the e-scooter sponsor companies to the city government.

The data has been released last Thursday and has shown the number of individuals using the e-scooter rental rather than taking public transportation and short car trips. The e-scooter rental also aided in the reduction of traffic congestion and pollution. Only little to no injuries were reported.

However, city officials continue to study the ride sharing company’s compliance to tight and varying limits, the number of vehicles to run, and the community or area to service by these vehicles. Nonetheless, they continue to use the pilot program to create a big point for start-ups.

Previous single ride sharing companies like Lime and Bird got into a sanction of creating a cabriolet system without permission in San Francisco and ended with the city’s implementation of a permit system. This system was only granted to Scoot and Skip and ban Lime and Bird out of the city.

Sharing economy has been a hit to most millennial and pre-millennial yuppies who wanted to share rides and get through traffic without the hassles of a monitored taxi tariff and the fear of untracked rides. Airbnb is also a good example of how the sharing economy started to be free-controlled until regulations have to be met in order to understand the business

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