$4.6 million dollars’ settlement by Law Firm in Manafort and Ukraine’s case

The settlement between the Justice Department and the law firm, made public on Thursday, has indicated the challenge of the lucrative but mysterious lobbying industry in Washington.

Skadden Arps conducted an analysis in 2012 intended to allay international concerns regarding anti-democratic practices of the Ukrainian government under President Viktor Yanukovych who was accused of persecution and illegal detention of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on charges of abuse of power in the negotiations of a natural gas deal with Russia.

The settlement has placed law firms on notice that they were not allowed to use their lawyer duty to hide their identity and to register with Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) should they lobby cases in behalf of foreign governments.

Alabama Senator risks seat over the government shutdown and the border wall

Doug Jones is about to gamble his own seat in the Senate after his upset win in the Alabama Senate race in 2017 on his stand on reopening the government from its long-time shutdown and the negotiation on border security.

His re-election eligibility for 2020 elections is jeopardized on his taking on President Trump and the border wall, both popular in Alabama, and his refusal to give ground with regard to the government shutdown. Some citizens in the State expressed their dismay over Jones and are now having second thoughts whether they vote for him or not.

Should he comply to the wishes of the voters of Alabama on the reopening of the federal government and the support on the border wall, he could get the sympathy of the people once more to give him leverage in the upcoming elections.

As a member of the Democratic Party, he had been standing on the plank on his senatorial bid as they continue to oppose the political actions of President Trump. His political campaign, however, focused on calling for new gun control measures which have been disliked vehemently by many Southern Democrats.

Now, Senator Jones is working on finding services on federal workers displaced because of the shutdown. He has been actively campaigning on National TV and on the Senate to obtain a resolution for this government workforce crisis.

However, this campaign has shown yet his no-support to the President and his programs, one that Alabama doesn’t want in their senators, and the promise Jones had made during his 2017 electoral campaigns.

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