Is Theresa May a British Authoritarian?

The PM’s call for election against the opposition’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has been called upon by the opposition party to be May’s method of setting an authoritarian rule in the government, amidst statements that the PM calls it as challenge to her role and to prove to the people that she still has the support of the majority in Parliament.

As confident as she was in the election, PM May is giving Corbyn a chance to prove himself that he is right about the PM’s motives on setting full authority of the government and on the alleged attempt to remove the Fixed Term Parliament Act to give everyone a fighting chance and not wait for another five years to obtain a seat in Parliament.

This action has The Daily Mail called her an authoritarian and was reported to be a crush on her political enemies.

However, she clarified that it is the votes of the party that she moves forward to fulfill her role as Prime Minister. PM May is currently working on the exit of Great Britain from the European Union (EU) as she claimed that it is called upon by the people.

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