The Growing Business of Seal Pavers

The business of sealing pavers, including granite sealers, is becoming more in demand over time. Thats why huge list of granite sealers realize their benefits beyond aesthetics. While the concept of sealing pavers is relatively new, the industry continues to come up with various innovations to cater to the needs of the market.

The first paver and granite sealers introduced were solvent-based. They’ve had good results as long as applied under perfect weather conditions. To deal with the issue of the weather, the industry came up with water-based sealers. The problem is that a lot of brands have come up with many variations of sealers with different qualities.

Businesses and property owners need to learn more not only about the sealers available but also about paver maintenance and the right sealing techniques.

Top Factors in Paver Sealing

Generally, sealers last up to three years, but it can be shorter or longer, depending on the following:

  1. Climate – Too much exposure to the sun or moisture can cause damage to the sealer at a faster rate.
  2. Application – The durability of the sealer is greatly affected by how it was prepared and applied.
  3. Maintenance – You have to keep the sealed area well-maintained to make it last longer.
  4. Traffic – The sealer will last longer if it’s exposed to fewer people. Too much traffic can weaken and decrease its lifespan.
  5. Type of sealer – When you buy a sealer or are given a choice by your installer, it’s always best to go for the commercial-grade sealers with optimum quality.

Benefits of Sealing Pavers

  • Sealing helps in protecting your investment because it makes your paver last longer.
  • If the paver is prone to oil, grease, and other dirt, sealing will make it easier to clean and keep the color intact for a longer period.
  • When it comes to sealing hardscapes, it is recommended, but it is also something you can do without. The concept is similar to car waxing. It may have its benefits, but it is something you are not required to do.
  • If you intend to maintain the paver hardscape easily, you must go about sealing it. As long as the best quality of sealer is used, you will be assured that the paver will look good for a longer time, and it will have sufficient protection from tree sap, oil spills, and other substances.

More about the Process

Here are some of the important things you need to know about sealers and their installation:

  • Many installers recommend using a water-based sealer with high solid and commercial-grade features for all existing and new paver surfaces.
  • The sealer acts as a filler to the pores of the pavers. As a result, dirt and other elements won’t penetrate the paver but will instead remain on the surface. This makes sealed pavers easier to clean.
  • Once sealed, refuse to believe the common misconception that the paver becomes maintenance-free. You need to clean the surface periodically, and each time you notice the dirt that may cause stain if you allow it to linger in the paver.


It’s an excellent choice to use granite sealers and seal pavers. A sealer will keep your property looking good while it protects your investment from diminishing its beauty sooner than expected.

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