The Meaning Of Numerology To Presidential Candidates

Different numbers have meaning, therefore, studying what they mean is known as Numerology. According to experts, Various words have different meaning and this is similar when we come to numbers. Different meaning is generated for candidates during the election period. This system of finding meaning tries to explain why Barrack Obama and John McCain were joined by destiny to compete for the same presidential seat. Gabrielle, who is an author explains this very clearly.

When numbers are added together, the name of Obama gives a number that is very powerful. This number is 17/8 and it is referred to as a number for immorality. It has a deeper meaning of legacy resonation after a long time after his passing. Obama shares the same number with McCain in regard to their life purposes. The numbers of these candidates have reduced themselves to eleven. This is the reason they had a similar purpose to run for a common presidential lead. This gives McCain a lot of energy to push the ideas of his novel.

These numbers that Barrack Obama possesses, are similar to those of John F. Kennedy hence connecting them. Martin Luther King Junior and Abraham Lincoln are also appearing in the same list of this powerful number. It is worrying because McCain shares these numbers with other people but with positivity unlike the competition seen with Obama. The common goal of positivity is seen by Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton. This is an indication, that, sometimes, aims can change despite a common Numerology.

Fourth November 2008 was the day for election and when these numbers are added up, the resulting number is ominous. The day and year when the election took place are considered to be very fateful. This is because the numbers add up to four and eight, whereby, numerology classifies them to have a negative fate. Categorically, the day of election refers to fatality and the month a “victim number”. This is all about defeated plans which have fallen to a low place.

In addition, leaders and teachers are signified by the same number, that is, eleven. If your numbers add up to eleven, you now know the leadership and teaching capabilities you might be having. If you are not already practicing the reflections, try them out as you may be possessing a hidden talent. According to numerology, both Obama and McCain had a winning potential but because it is impossible to have two presidents at any given time, one had to win and that was Obama.

By then, Gabrielle outlined that Obama was surrounded by the danger of a very potential world war. This reflected that McCain was to be the next Obama’s successor as a president in the United States.


Election periods are considered to hold varying meanings to different candidates, therefore, it is important to know your meaning might you be interested in presidential politics. At times, a dilemma may show up and the meaning might not lead to the expected outcome. This is seen when Obama and McCain campaigned for the same seat and one had to lose despite the same numerological meaning.

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