The Optimal Size Container for Redbud Soil No-Till Living Soil

If you are a grower of plants or flowers, you would be meticulous not just in choosing the type of redbud living soils but also in the size of containers you are going to use. Finding the right container size will improve the health of your plants and allow them to thrive well through the years.

In cannabis production, Redbud living soils provide plants with an organic and healthy environment that is conducive for growth. Nevertheless, it is equally important to determine the optimal size for your container.

Large Containers versus Small Containers

For indoor production, it is highly recommended to use 30-gallon containers for no-till living soils, but 25 and above gallons is still acceptable. The reason for such standard is because as the name suggests, the soil being used is living and organic. Thus, the main objective is to ensure that the soil is thriving at all costs.

The common trend in using pots is using fabric types to enhance aeration to the plant’s roots and defense against pets. However, the downside is it leaves the surround ring dry, which is not sufficiently moist, affecting the soil’s effectiveness. Using small gallons will truly limit the usable Redbud living soil that is good for the plant. Say for example, you use a 5-gallon container for your flowering plant. Considering the dry area around the soil, which is about 2 inches, it leaves you with just a small ball of soil where your plant will base it survivability.

What this means is you must water it more frequently to arrive at decent results. This also means your water usage is higher compared to those of large containers since the soil will dry out faster. With this meager environment, you will need to provide supplemental feeds so your plant can thrive well.

The game will change when you use large containers like 25 gallons and above. The water supply needed for a 5-gallon container and a 25-gallon container are the same, so you can just imagine the savings you can get in terms of water consumption.

In a bigger container, the usable soil will be a lot sustainable, so you will not have to add extra supplemental feeds to get good results. The larger the soil, the greater is its capacity to retain nutrients. So, all in all, using larger containers will save you a great deal of water, money, time and effort.

The Specific Size of a Container

Yes, a large container size is ideal for Redbud living soils but choosing the specific size will depend on your goal and budget. For home production, it is recommended to use 25- and 30-gallon sizes because of its portability and it fits easily inside standard tents. Another advantage is that you can clean it easily since it can be easily lifted by just one person. Handling these pots will not be difficult at all since you can use a dolly.


When it comes to garden size, it is really your choice. However, see to it that you do not overlook the size of your containers as they are vital for your plant’s growth.

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