Online Dating And Politics: How To Deal With It

Politics during election periods have affected online dating at an alarming level. Every time a discussion arises about who to vote for, most online dating couples would end up in disagreements. According to a study done by OkCupid, more than fifty percent of the correspondents argued that they can’t find a good personals replacements with their favorite functions. This has been on the rise since the year 2008. This political intolerance on those finding love online has attracted a lot of attention among different people with different ideas.

According to an anonymous correspondent from Seattle, those finding love online have been checking the political views of their prospective lovers. Sometimes, approaching one with such a question is not appeasing, but it does happen even if it’s not all the time. Although political conversations don’t happen all the time, couples would go through them at one time or another.

The Way Forward

There is always that common question about whether Donald Trump is a misogynist or not, and arguments about this topic have been causing a lot of trouble between couples. To other online daters, they even notify prospective online daters that they don’t want any person who supports Donald Trump.

For Shannon, an online dating site user, she doesn’t put it directly but indicates in her bio that she is looking for a man who supports feminist views. This will absolutely kick out Trump supporters from the wall. However, it doesn’t always work as anticipated. Sometimes, she spends a lot of time mingling online, only to realize later that she was talking to a Trump apologist.

The reason as to why Shannon dislikes Trump is the fact that Trump is a misogynist. After all, it’s hard for a woman to date someone who hates women. That’s why she tends to isolate Trump associates. For her, the first talks during the date should be about revealing one’s thoughts on Trump and him being a misogynist. And for men, this makes them leave once they realize a woman doesn’t entertain misogynists.

In most cases, dates would respond indirectly when asked about whether they will vote for Trump. They tend to explain why Trump is good for leadership, and this is an opportunity for the woman to know their date’s stand. In most cases, the man still wants to have sex. Hence, he would feel the need to hold on and explain why Trump should be the choice.

Trump apologists defend the politician by saying that the country requires a successful businessman. The reply should always be asking the guy how Trump got his wealth. Shannon always replies by stating that the country needs a politician like Hilary Clinton. The argument that heats up the environment is the discussion on Trump sentiment where he compares women with dogs and pigs. The guy will then go ahead in defense of Trump by arguing that it’s the media propagating biased information.

What’s Next?

The Trump supporter will always give an excuse that women are prone to be angry and are always unreasonable. To cut him short, she always touches his biceps to make him feel uneasy. This confuses him, making him not to know what to say next. After this, it’s time for both to part their ways.

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