Emmanuel Macron’s Journey to France’s Presidency

Publicly known by his love story with his own high school teacher, Macron is now leading his way up to become the youngest president of the Fifth Republic of France. Though an inexperienced leader, he is supported by many in the country not just because of his marriage but because of the support he gets especially with his political allies.

His journey to government service started when he became the Economy Minister, succeeding Arnaud Montebourg. Though not a well-known politician, he was not excluded from controversies through his reform systems called the Macron Law.

He pursued labor reform in the National Assembly through controversial parliamentary measures. He resigned in August before he engaged himself to run for the presidency through his political party, En Marche.

His political platforms for the presidency include the increase of police force, raised salary for teachers in remote, poor, and socially diverse areas and the advancement of France through foreign relations, especially with the EU countries and the US.

His party now has more than 200,000 members, and his meeting di avance attracts a lot of crowds in France. People continued to support him, and even the former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced that his vote is  on Macron rather than to their party’s own candidate for the presidency.

Macron is confident that his assumption to the presidency will bring in more advancements in the systems and processes in the republic and that everyone will get their share of the progress.

His election manifesto on bringing in a reform to the welfare and pension system made France laud the president and show their support especially in terms of fighting against the ISIS that had terrorized France for quite some time.

He believed that his work has just truly begun and, Macron said, that his presidency turned in a new page in French history.

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