Trumps Good Friend is China, Not Russia

Just this month, US President Donald Trump has made his assertion about how US and Russia were not getting along fine, unlike how the relationship between him and China’s President Xi Jinping is doing well.

This declaration is showing Trump’s campaign changes, primarily abandoning positions on NATO, Israel, the nuclear agreement with Iran and alliances in Asia.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholar’s vice president, Aaron Carter, said that this campaign trail takes in a realization on how American foreign policy works in a harsh reality and how the unorthodoxy of the administration is revealed in doing business but is coming to its conventional approach.

This relationship between Russia and China has political experts call on Trump to think again on his plan to clash both countries.  Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East Europe studies’ director, Angela Stent, commented on this US foreign relations movement as pragmatic and that Trump did not understand fundamentally the nature of Russia and China’s relationship.

Albeit the controversies of Russia and China on US relations, the two countries share a lot in common when it comes to foreign relations. They are major players when it comes to problems in foreign policy, do not like domestic protests, and have similar views about the US in general.

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